>> There were still 3 places available on the steam tour at short notice!!! <<

And off we go.... !!

From today, the registration for the 20th Wildstar Meeting in Berlin is open. Please fill out the form carefully so that your registration can be processed smoothly.

Before you proceed to register, it is to be said that we have of course tried to do justice to everything. Therefore, you have the choice to either camp on the premises or book a room in one of the surrounding hotels or guesthouses.

In the vicinity of the location we have listed guesthouses and hotels, with about 200 rooms, for you, but you have to take care of the rental yourself.

We have a shuttle service at the start!

you can see the list on which all addresses of the respective houses are recorded.

On the day of arrival, 04.06.2020, we will be ready at the entrance from 12:00 to receive the guests.

Since the request was made again and again, we made it possible that you can set up your tents on the meeting grounds as early as 02.06.2020.
Sanitary facilities are already available, of course, but NO CATERING.
We then have to charge the campground fees from the day of arrival!

And now a word about the prizes:
- Meeting fee = 125€ per person, Thu - Sun, incl 3x dinner
- Meeting fee = 100€ per person, Fri - Sun, incl 2x dinner
- A big meeting - patch = 10€
- Meeting - Shirt = 15€
- A tent night costs 10€ and a bed place in the group room in the main house, as well as in the "witch house" mattress storage, costs 15€, per day, per person, all incl breakfast and bedding
- We also offer group tents equipped with pallet bottoms and field beds, so you don't have to carry your own tent. They are each equipped with 8 field beds. A field bed space costs 12,50€ per day, per person, incl breakfast.

But the motto is: Whoever comes first has it first!

Ideally, you will speak before booking group rooms, crates, group tents and the mattress store in the Hexenhaus and re-enter the selection in the comment box so that we can put you together accordingly!!!
This makes the assignment easier for us and prevents double occupancy. Before registering, please refer to the information in the above news ticker!!!

Understand that due to space constraints we can't allow party tents, pavilions and also unfortunately no CAMPERS!

Registration deadline is 31.01.2020

The payment deadline is 29.02.2020

This is a closed event!
Admission only with registration!!

All data collected is only used for registration for the Wildstar Meeting 2020 and will be deleted immediately after its termination!!!


We do not send confirmation e-mail. You can only submit the form until it is filled in correctly and then it arrives reliably.

Bitte füllen Sie alle mit * markierten Felder aus. (Pflichtfelder)
Zeltplatz p.P. 10€ tgl.*
Haupthaus p.P. 15€ tgl.*
Krale/Auswahl p.P. 10€ tgl.*
Hexenhaus/Matrazenlager 12Pers. max. p.P. 15€ tgl.*
Großzelt p.P. 12,50€ tgl*
Treffenshirt schwarz 15€ Stk.*
Treffenshirt schwarz V-Auschnitt 15€ Stk.*
Treffenshirt weiß 15€ Stk.*
Treffenshirt weiß V-Auschnitt 15€ Stk.*
Treffenpatch 10€ Stk*
Dampferfahrt p.P. 30€*
Whisky-Tour p.P. 45€*
Zoobesuch p.P. 15€*
Hier ist der Platz für Bemerkungen, zB nochmals in welches Gruppenzelt ihr gehört, oder in welchem Hotel ihr wohnt!!! (Restzeichen: 2500)
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